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If you're wanting to furnish your living room, obviously the first thing you need to do is take a step back and really decide what sort of overall look you are after. Most old furniture can look pleasing together, and furniture made from old rustic boards can go with this, but be careful, using too much of one particular tone for example can become overkill.

Particular areas of a room can be kept to a certain style or period of furniture whilst other can be kept totally different. This can really work nicely especially in larger rooms.

Dining rooms may however benefit from having just one style of furniture as often the dining table (if you are to have one) will become the centre piece of the room and may overwhelm the rest of the furniture.

It might be best to discuss all of this before deciding on your furniture designs. Feel free to ask before ordering.


Please find below some examples of the kind of dining room furniture we can design and make for you. All our country furniture can be designed to your specifications and dimensions, and can also be finished in a finish of your choice.

Our dining room furniture may include country style dining tables, dressers, dresser bases, sideboards, rustic style chairs, display cabinets, some types of chests of drawers, although most chests of drawers are obviously designed for the bedroom. Secretaires can also be made for the dining room, as well as desks and certain Console - side tables also used as desks.

I hope the images below will give you some inspiration:


Country Furniture

If you have a home in the country, whether old or new, we believe the charm of furniture made from reclaimed or rustic wood can't be beaten.

The look and feel of rustic country furniture makes you feel at ease. Our ancestors saw beauty in the countryside as they looked over the rugged terrain at the natural world, I believe we can too, even sitting our homes.  
I see the beauty in all of nature and that's why I love working with it to produce lovely rustic looking country furniture.